Bjarne Thanning has been a supervisor for Pia in bigband conduction:
“With authority Pia conducted the big ensemble and has good abilities to generate the nuances of frasing and dynamics, which are indispensable in bigbandplaying.”

I am a dedicated to teach music and have been teaching since the beginning of the nineties in all kind of Music Schools. I have been preparing students for Conservatory at MGK since 2000 and have been teaching at The Rhythmic High School since 92. My experience is with all ages. From beginners to advanced students aiming for higher education in music. I am teaching flute, saxophone, ensemble, improvisation, bigband, “Blowers Workshop”, theory/eartraining, “Open Door”,- intuitive improvising ensemble, not to forget “Write your own Music” ensemble based on collective composition.
My teaching project for ensembles: ”Write your own music”
After a while teaching ensembles to play cover music in original arrangements, I started to make the ensembles make new arrangements of well known songs, they played my arrangements and some of my own compositions. I am teaching young people, who already have the basic skills on their instruments, so slowly I felt that I should challenge them even more.

I started choosing titles from the Danish song book. I made my students do their own arrangements of these songs. I could give them assignments to build up a groove, change the tempo, change the chords or the time signature, which might lead to adjusting the melody. They could choose one or more of these options and then slowly turn the song into their own.

My third step has been to make my ensembles make their own music. Lyrics, melodies and arrangements and slowly I got a lot of experience working as a catalysis of this process. Actually leading my students into a creative process, where they as individuals and together, create music on a level they never imagined.

From September 2014, it is my intension to try to systematise my own methods and some of my colleagues methods, who are working in the same direction. My wish is to make a handbook to stimulate creative processes in music.
My aim is to collect ways to stimulate young people to be creative and write their own lyrics, music and arrangements in a practical process. To me improvisation and composition are two sides of the same matter and improvisation is one of the tools to be used. Another way is to develop small ideas in small groups into a whole tune, by connecting and developing the pieces into something whole and organic.

Niels Harriet has been Pia’s supervisor in instrumental and ensemble teaching: “Her musical skills while teaching are inviolable. This refers to the saxophoneplaying, the generel musictheory and the fact that she can take over the bass or the drums, if the student doesn’t show up.”