Bjarne Thanning has been a supervisor for Pia in bigband conduction:
“With authority Pia conducted the big ensemble and has good abilities to generate the nuances of frasing and dynamics, which are indispensable in bigbandplaying.”

I am a dedicated to teach music and have been teaching since the beginning of the nineties in all kind of Music Schools. I have been preparing students for Conservatory at MGK,Ishøj from 2000-2015 and have been teaching at The Rhythmic High School since 92. My experience is with all ages. From beginners to advanced students aiming for higher education in music. I am teaching flute, saxophone, ensemble, improvisation, bigband, “Horn Workshop”, theory/eartraining, “Open Door”,- intuitive improvising ensemble, not to forget “Songwriting-Ensemble” based on collective composition.

“Songwriting-Ensemble”, has become my mantra. After playing in bands in the Music school, the students have a lot of background to be creative themselves. Their scills just need to come into play. I developed a lot of tools to create songs in the band. In my opinion this process has a big value. They work on creating lyrics, melodies and arrangements and build new ideas on top of each other. In other words the students develop a more creative way of acting together and this process challenges them in a different way, than when learning new cover tunes.

Those methods I keep on working with. Latest with JazzDanmark project “Jazzcamp for Girls” and in May 2022 at Sejrgårds Efterskole with teenagers

Niels Harriet has been Pia’s supervisor in instrumental and ensemble teaching: “Her musical skills while teaching are inviolable. This refers to the saxophone playing, the generel music theory and the fact that she can take over the bass or the drums, if the student doesn’t show up.”